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David A Magitis and The Mysterious Stretchy Woman

The incredible horror artist, David A Magitis, has a prolific portfolio of beautiful, witty, and disturbing art that is full of a wide variety of differing subjects. If you like that sort of thing (and if you are reading this you probably do), than you really must check out his work. You will be hooked. However, I am showing you a grouping of David’s pieces which all feature a seemingly specific and unifying subject.

Besides bringing you some pretty pictures to look at, the purpose of this post is to focus on the fact that some artists seem to draw the same person over and over, leaving you to wonder who this person is and if they exist in reality at all. Perhaps they do, and the artist uses them as a model frequently and quite deliberately. Or, perhaps they had no idea that they drew the same person over and over, and once a friend came over for coffee, and pointed it out while looking at the artist’s walls, they are now obsessing over who the hell that person is.

As you might have guessed, that happened to me recently. So, in checking in on David’s latest works on Deviant Art, I saw that he seemed to have the same person popping up in his art again and again, and, delighted to find this familiar phenomenon in the work of an artist I admire, I was inspired to share with you a collage of this persistent and creepy lady.

I am incredibly curious to hear from any artists, writers, or musicians who have discovered that they seem to repeatedly represent a figure that has taken a personality and visage of their own. What do think? Is this your Muse? Who is this person to you?

Who is she, David? Do you even know?