Smarty Pants Horror Analysis

Horror film genre analysis: here is a collection you may enjoy perusing.

Please bear this in mind — These articles are written by other people — not me — and thus, do not represent my personal opinions. They are on this list because I found them interesting and full of fun, head-scratching debate about societal and sociological views within and about the horror genre.

The Final Girl versus Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street:

Proposing a Stronger Model of Feminism in Slasher

Horror Cinema by Kyle Christensen

A straightforward show-down between Laurie Strode and Nancy Thompson by Christensen using the iconic Final Girl archetype (from Men, Women and Chainsaws by Carol J. Clover) as the winning title. Basically, he argues that Nancy is the true feminist Final Girl and Laurie is not. While I agree that Nancy is indeed badass, I disagree with Christensen’s black-and-white judgment of Laurie Strode. She’s younger in age and nature than Nancy, and Nancy isn’t exactly getting naked and high either. Also, while it’s true that Laurie does not kill her villain, give the kid a break — she manages to fight him off quite well and avoid being murdered; which is more than most anyone else who encounters him can say.

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